Sunday, January 30, 2011

[TIPS] Clean out the gunk and keep your system in tip-top condition

Nova Drive Erase Pro We love to make our PC run faster. But, the longer you run your PC, the more it slows down because it fills with junk and gunk. But it doesn't take much to fix them. All you have to do is download System Cleaner®, the premier software package that's custom designed to get your Windows-based PC performing as if it were factory new, and you're all set.

System Cleaner is a great way to clean out the gunk and keep your system in tip-top condition. It removes unneeded files and folders, optimizes and defragments your Registry, removes duplicate files--and that's just for a start. 

One of its more useful tools is its Startup Manager, which controls what programs run when Windows starts. This will help you cut down on programs that launch for no good reason and take away RAM and processing power from your PC.

Forget those expensive and complicated programs that take a long time to set up and even longer to run. System Cleaner® is lightning-fast. Just download the self-installer, click a few times, and your PC will be in tip-top shape before you know it.

Despite the program's name, it does more than just clean your system. It helps protect your privacy as well, by cleaning out your browsing history, the list of programs and files you've used, and more. There are lots of other tools here as well, including an uninstall manager, and a nifty little feature that lets you diagnose any problems or conflicts with Internet Explorer Extensions.

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